Our Vision
Our Vision

Our Vision

Tavasi , meaning ‘courage’ in Sanskrit.

We believe that, the greatest blockade a mind faces while exploring its maximum potential is the COURAGE.

The courage to react , be confident , and to explore that inner competence to stand up for oneself and for others.

This is a movement with a burning torch of endurance , grit and audacity to break the barriers of a social conditioning that has become deep rooted in our social environment and is hurting one and all emotionally and  physically.

It is against a system where a child is never able to cope up to their maximum potential because of lack of basic healthcare , mental and social development , increasing violence and ignorance, where a woman feels undeserving of asking for a promotion in her job and asks for pay raise 30% less than her male counterpart, where an educated transgender feels unaccepted in an office atmosphere even after having a right to life with dignity , where an aspirant  settles for a life of seclusion and depression with a shattered self confidence because she failed in a government/competitive examination .

It is an initiative to bridge the gap of inequality based on gender , social status , sexual orientation , economic status, privileges and taboos.

We truly believe that ones body is the stepping stone for a bigger possibility . KALARIPAYATTU art of warfare creates that powerful possibility to integrate ones mind body and soul to allow the five elements that make up a human body to bind much better leading to the strength inside and out.

KALARIPAYATTU is not just an art of self defense , it is a way of life that inculcates in us a mind that is fearless. And , this is the biggest possibility we can achieve as a social empowerment. The earlier we start , the sooner we attain this target of ‘ no more ‘ of many things that we have to face right from the childhood as a current scenario.