Founder’s Letter

Founder’s Letter

Hesitating to act because the whole vision might not be achieved , or because others do not yet share it, is an attitude that only hinders progress.

Mahatma Gandhi

What would you do if your biggest fear comes alive right in front of you?

What if everyone told you , that you would fail and you tried everything to prove them wrong but you actually end up failing?

Does that make you a failure? Were they right about you?

Dear People,

My story is not a story of success but a story of survival through a storm that I thought would never end .But this courage to stand up for the life I chose and dreamt for myself comes from this unique and vast Art of warfare which holds the secret to India’s most authentic way of life , called KALARIPAYATTU. It has given me a second life, a life which is unaffected by the social norms of the Indian soceity and has led me to achieve everything I ever wanted to. So, with all my grit I am here to spread this art and teach you to have courage to believe in yourself even when not believing is the only logical option.

I wish to see a future , where children, youth, male female ,trans and others or an underprivileged stand with confidence in their eyes where they are not ashamed of their failures , where they are not living the life of low self esteem or scared to voice their opinion, where they are self dependent and mostly do not feel undeserving of asking for what is truly theirs.

Because , YOU are nothing less than a breathing magic and there is a reason why you’re born the way you are. It’s time we earn our TAVAS and explore our guts to react…!



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